Assessment Services

Donnoe & Associates, Inc. provides a full-range of recruiting and assessment services for public agencies.  In addition to recruiting, we develop assessment centers / structured oral assessment exams, work simulation tests, performance tests, oral exams, and supplemental job applications — all customized for specific jobs.

We will provide your agency with a specific price quote upon request. Fees will be affected by such variables as the level of recruiting assistance needed, the number and complexity of exam problems in the overall process, the number of candidates to be examined, the number of days expected to complete the exam, and agency administration v. Donnoe & Associates administration.

Assessment Centers, Performance Tests, and Oral Exams

Assessment Services 3

Assembled Exams for Agency Administration

Services provided for agencies, for one exercise / exam part, or for a complete assessment center, include:

Exam Documents and Materials:

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Exams Administered by Donnoe & Associates

We will develop and administer complete exams, or single exam parts / exercise for the agency. This includes:

Exam Documents and Materials:

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On-Site Exam Administration Services:

Recruiting Assistance

Our Recruiting Process. Donnoe & Associates partners with public agencies to plan and develop a recruiting and testing process, unique for each position. Our process includes an automated on-line job application and applicant tracking system. We have assisted many agencies to recruit qualified and diverse candidates for a wide range of positions, from entry-level jobs (with hundreds of applicants) through chief executive positions.