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Only authorized agency members who have completed our Test Services Agreement may request a review test and review test materials. Candidates may not review test materials.  Donnoe & Associates, Inc. provides services for public agencies; never for individual candidates.

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Written Test Fees

Test Rental Fees

We have three levels of service for our written tests: Stock Tests, Build-A-Test, and Custom Tests. For each of these options clients will pay a base fee, and $10 per test booklet, plus shipping and handling for the order. Clients may use test booklets twice during a two-week rental period (e.g., order 100 test booklets and test up to 200 candidates in successive administrations, at no additional fee).

Stock Test;  $300 base fee

Choose from over 75 stock written tests.

Build-A-Test;  $600 base fee

We will select questions from our item bank to match your job requirements, or reading list, to create a unique written test for your agency. Agencies can select from available test content and segments in our Build-A-Test catalog, or work with our Analysts to determine appropriate test materials for specific jobs. Subsequent rental of a Build-A-Test is at stock test pricing.

Custom Test;  $900 base fee

We will provide a pool of questions to create a custom written test. Subsequent rental of a custom written test is at stock test pricing.

Test Booklets; $10 each

In addition to the base fee, there is a per booklet charge for tests. Clients may use test booklets twice during a two-week rental period (e.g., order 100 test booklets and test up to 200 candidates in successive administrations, at no additional fee). This test book fee is the same for a Stock Test, Build-A-Test, or Custom Test order.

Shipping and Handling:  10% of order

We always ship by Federal Express, in order to ensure complete tracking of each order.

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Test Scoring:

Test Validity

Professional and regulatory guidelines for personnel selection examinations include the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures and the Principles for Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures. These guidelines require that personnel selection exams be validated by what is known as criterion or content validation strategies. Criterion validation is a demonstration that scores on the test are correlated directly with job performance or training academy performance. Content validity focuses on the relationship between the content of the test and the content of the job. Further, validity (criterion and content) considers both exam administration and exam outcome factors. Most of our exam products including Stock Written Tests, Build-A-Test and Custom Written Tests, as well as oral exams, performance exams and assessment centers involve measurement of job knowledge or ability. These types of tests are best supported by content validity. For these tests we work closely with you, our client, to ensure that the content of the test is based on the job (job analysis, consultation on test assembly, and exam review by your subject matter experts). We provide test administration guidance including proctoring directions, and we offer scoring services as well as consultation on test score interpretation and passing scores, all at no additional fee. These steps ensure that the examinations provided to your agency are valid and will be administered in a fair and consistent manner. It is also important to note that a valid exam plan will go beyond a written test, and will normally include other elements, such as an oral exam, a performance test or an assessment center. This also includes not placing too much emphasis (exam weights) on measurement of abilities and knowledge through a written test; here we typically recommend that a written test be weighted less than half of the overall exam plan. We would be pleased to assist your agency with exam planning or to provide consultation on how to best use our tests.